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For over a quarter of a century, Bill Williams helped to shape and define the Trinity theatre program.  His efforts produced dozens of proud, hard-working theatre professionals, many of whom directly attribute their success to his influence. 

Bill’s teaching does not allow for complacency or compromise:  he demands exploration and risk from his students, and he places the same demands on himself, never choosing the easy production or the safe, neutral theme. 

He is a teacher of uncommon creativity and courage, and was a colleague of extraordinary generosity.

Michael Gilbert
Director of Drama
Trinity School

    Testimonials   " Bill knows what makes actors tick..."
      Bill Williams deserves single-handed credit for bringing me into the world of acting. He scooped up an injured ballerina, brushed her off, and recruited her for plays and acting classes, changing the course of her life forever.  His fearless, passionate, magnanimous approach to teaching and his tireless dedication to his students make him one of the great teachers of all time.  

His daring as a director exposes young people to exciting works that broaden their frames of reference and give them precocious polish.  Working with him helped me get into Harvard and the Yale School of Drama.  To this day, what I learned in his classes serves me as an actor. I owe him an eternal debt.

Lucia Brawley, Actress/Activist

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Backed up by decades of theater education, Bill maintains a sense of enthusiasm, creativity, and insight that are a boon to any actor working with him. Thanks to his inspiring monologue
coaching, I was accepted into NYU's graduate acting program. Thanks Bill.

Adam Green, Actor






Over the years I have often found that Bill's fundamental teachings can help in almost any scenario. Bill knows what makes actors tick, and he approaches his students with boundless enthusiasm and a great love of teaching.

His students learn how to "take the stage" and hold themselves with professionalism and confidence. He demands honesty in acting, and encourages performers to make sure they are not only technically skilled but also creatively risky.

That is why, I think, he has such a great track record in working with people from all walks of life. He takes genuine delight when a student turns a corner in their work or an idea reveals itself in a rehearsal or class, and his excitement is infectious. You work hard for Bill because he works hard for you.  I am very fortunate to have had him as a teacher.

Mark Shanahan, Actor/Director/Professor Fordham University


Bill Williams is a pleasure to work with as a director.  A consummate professional, he approaches the text with openness and creativity, and his collaborators with sensitivity and respect.  His generosity of
spirit conveys his true love of theater and the benefits it can bring to the world.  I hope to work with him again soon.

Anne Nelson, Author (Red Orchestra) Journalist,  Playwright (The Guys)



Bill Williams was my first and, I believe, most crucial teacher. The environment that he created for his acting students was simultaneously rigorous and free - the lessons and examples designed to help each individual find their unique
artistic voice.

Professionally, I believe these formative experiences allow me to approach role after role with a sense of intense curiosity and personal freedom. If you are lucky enough to have a teacher or director like this, you know you are going to have a great opportunity to succeed.

GM Gianino, Actor

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Bill is not only an excellent acting coach, but also a truly beautiful human being who genuinely loves the theatre, actors, teaching acting.  He fully appreciates how hard the art of acting is - but never for a second when learning from him, do you fail to remember how fun it is to play.  I came to Bill after deciding to quit my job as a Mergers and Acquisitions lawyer to follow my dream of living in the shoes of other people on stage, in front of a camera - and sought out his help in preparing my monologue for entry into a two-year acting conservatory program...I was proud, crazed, and really, plain scared.

Bill has an amazing intuition for people and human behavior - he sensed my racing nerves and in a hot second had an uncanny ability to get them to just shut up already so that we could work and so that my talent and spontaneity could soar through the arch of the monologue. I
distinctly remember leaving my meeting with him with a feeling of other-worldly confidence, and most importantly, with two feet firm on the ground.  Thank you Bill!

Nelle Watkins, Actress


Bill Williams taught me how to be authentic as an actor-- which is probably the most important lesson I ever learned.  Any performance that is not rooted in truth and authenticity will inevitably fall short.  His methods are charmingly unorthodox, but that is what made the learning process memorable and the lessons stick.  He sees artists as gifts and is therefore willing to tirelessly work with them to achieve what he wants and/or what they want.  

His belief in his students is palpable and--in the face of the industry and its challenges--invaluable.  I love Bill Williams. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had.  He possesses a rare mixture of intellect and passion and acting is as much as a science as it is an art.  The best acting, for me, requires this balance that
Bill possesses.

Lena Georgas, Actress/Photographer

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Bill is especially adept at understanding and working with young actors.  In high school, I had wonderful experiences working with him as both a teacher and director.  To this day, I continue to implement skills and lessons he taught me in those years. 

Megan Byrne, Actress




I was so shy as a child that I pretty much never opened my mouth in public.  My dad had this brilliant idea to send me to theatre classes on Saturdays.  I was 8. This man who taught the classes, Bill Williams, decided to give me the lead part in the very sophisticated play we were doing (about a worm) and somehow I came to life! I don’t know how he knew what to do but he did. He changed my life, no question.

Bill opened me up to the world that was to become my home: the stage. I was lucky enough to work with him through high school as well and he has since supported all my professional work since. To have a mentor who you know made you into the person you are is no small thing. I am indebted to him forever.

Najla Said, Actress/Writer/Playwright

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      I met Bill Williams when I was a shy 9th grader. I was forced to take his public speaking class, and I was not happy about it. Nothing was more contrary to the sensibilities of my teen angst and insecurities than to stand in front of my peers and talk.

By the time I was a senior, however, I was performing leading roles in epic productions of plays by Shakespeare, Shaw, Anouilh, most of which were directed by "Mr. Williams". Bill was a constant presence in my life throughout high school, and I credit his faith in my talents and abilities for my emergence from a shell of insecurity and my pursuit of a life in the theater as a performer, director, writer
and teacher.

I am currently the director of after-school programming for Manhattan Youth, a nonprofit organization serving children and families in Lower Manhattan.

As part of a middle school after-school program that I initiated, I have been directing plays with young teens for five years. We have performed
classical as well as contemporary and original works. One of the most rewarding moments of my tenure here was when Bill made it down to see one of these performances.

I felt a great symmetry to have a teacher who was so instrumental to the building of my craft, knowledge, character and confidence, be present to see how I had, in my small way, carried the torch he lit for me to my own students. Bill Williams is a teacher who has had a tremendous impact on my life, and I am grateful to him for his guidance, support and unflagging inspiration.

Theseus Roche, Actor/Teacher/Director


Bill Williams is one of the most supportive, enthusiastic and inventive directors and teachers I know.  I've seen him get Broadway-caliber performances out of people who I previously thought might've had no business being on a stage.  I've seen plays and musicals he's directed, sometimes of even the most problematic scripts, reduce an audience to tears and get them on their feet cheering by the end. 

And as a songwriter, I literally owe my career to him, since it was for one of his productions that I first took a shot at writing my own original music.  I can't remember whether I had the temerity to suggest it, or if he had enough confidence in me to ask (more likely it was the latter), but I wound up composing about 15 minutes of incidental background score for a play he was directing... and even before I won a prize for it a few weeks later, I already knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. 

Bill's like that - he helps you tap into talents not only that you never know you had, but in some cases, that you never had an inkling you even wanted to pursue.  There aren't that many people in any field, let alone one as competitive and risky as theatre, who have that kind of unwavering belief in others, and who can have that kind of powerful, transformative effect.

David Kirshenbaum, composer
(Summer of ’42, Vanities)

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