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Over the years I’ve had the chance to work not only with actors, from beginners to Broadway stars, but with business professionals, schoolteachers, students of all ages and community groups. I’ve seen ample evidence to convince me that much of what actors do to prepare for their work is useful in all walks of life. An actor’s livelihood depends upon resourcefulness and creativity. The benefits of this training need not be reserved for a small group of elite professionals. Rather than isolate the performer and the layman, my goal is to bring them together – to cross-pollinate between the work of the actor and the work anyone else does.  Creativity is not the province of a lonely genius.  It comes from engagement with people and ideas. These workshops take advantage of the synergy that occurs when people from differing backgrounds work and share ideas together.  They result in new ideas and the discovery of new possibilities.  The workshops make creativity a reality, not a goal; a practice, not a wish.  

A Workshop for the Workplace

Theater TOO! – Explorations in Creativity


We don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it. We get educated out of it.”

  • Sir Ken Robinson.

  “We can peel away the layers life has placed in front of our creativity, find our essence, and bring a sense of joy, spontaneity,  and inventiveness to anything and everything we do

Lucia Brawley

Theater TOO!  -  Explorations In Creativity  is a workshop to rediscover and reawaken imaginative play and to enhance facility in  problem solving.  It provides a safe atmosphere where participants can abandon preconceived notions of their limitations and explore their creative potential. It is based on the conviction that creativity can be encouraged, nurtured, and developed.  Creativity results not just from thinking with our heads, but from moving our bodies and feeling with our hearts, the joyful abandon of play. The workshop is about making and taking the time to give ourselves up to openness and wonder.

Theater is the medium, because it asks us to think, communicate and create with our whole bodies. The workshop employs theater games, improvisation, movement and acting exercises. Participants are presented problems, questions.  The solutions take the form of dramatic pieces, shared with other workshop participants. Although participants will be asked to perform, this is not an acting class. Actors and non-actors alike will profit from it.  The workshop takes advantage of the synergy that occurs when people with different professional skills, people from different walks of life, work together.

Exercises are arranged in a progression to help build confidence and freedom of expression as the workshop moves along.  Participants collaborate in the generation, organization, and presentation of each solution, each a bit of play, each a bit of a play.  While everyone takes turns as originators, performers, and audience throughout the workshop, the focus is on creation: the generation of new ideas and original solutions.  The process and the freshness of response are as important as the product.  Humor, laughter, and fun are important components of the process.   The goal is a revived sense of spontaneity, flexibility, resourcefulness and generosity to sustain us in both everyday life and whatever the workplace may hold.

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