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The Workshop Class for High School Actors 

The workshop class is an ongoing process to introduce young actors to the basic tools they will need in theater. It provides a safe atmosphere where participants can abandon preconceived notions of their abilities and limitations to explore their creative potential. It asks participants to think, communicate and create with their whole bodies.  It employs theater games, improvisation, movement and acting exercises.  Participants are presented problems, questions.  The solutions take the form of dramatic pieces, shared with other workshop participants.

Exercises are arranged in a progression to help build confidence and freedom of expression as the workshop moves along. I encourage self-awareness in my student actors.  I want them to be able to answer the question:  What am I capable of right now?  I want them to be able to trust their intuition:  What could I/might I do?  I ask them to take risks:  What have I never done?  This class is the foundation of all my work with any actor. 

Admission to this class is by interview. 

A Shakespeare Workshop Especially For Young Actors

This two-day workshop is a fun and intensive exploration into the particular demands of acting Shakespeare. The workshop consists of games, exercises and hands-on work with text. Through group and individual process, participants will assemble a “toolbox” with which to approach Shakespeare. Step by step, the young actor learns how the tools work and then how to use these tools to marry Elizabethan and modern acting traditions. The workshop also employs cognitive learning strategies for better retention of material and a more engaging learning process. This workshop is team taught with Ian Hersey of the Public Theater. 

Check for details on when the next workshop will be offered. 


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